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What our clients are saying...

>> Bing Energy Inc.

“I called Johanna from out of town, looking for a place to relocate my company. She was not only the most responsive agent I contacted, with the most inventory, but she is also the best connected. From a simple real estate call to her, I was able to connect with the local Economic Development Council and was shown a variety of properties, several of which were not even part of The Williams Group. The net result was not only a place of business but local contacts that have since proven invaluable to growing our business here in Tallahassee.”

Richard Hennek
VP Business Development
Bing Energy Inc.


>> State of Florida

I have worked with Kim Williams and Johanna (Williams) Money for over 13 years. As a stale manager, we have leased office/warehouse space from Marpan Management while I was with the Florida Department of Labor, Agency for Workforce Innovation, and currently with the Department of Education. Marpan Management has always done an outstanding job, and has always been very attentive to our needs and quick to resolve any problems that may come up. Kim and Johanna have been a tremendous help as our needs have changed over the years and have been very accommodating and helpful to the State. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Marpan Management for years to come.

Gregory J. Davis

Asst Bureau Chief

Department of Education

Office of General Services


>> BR Williams Trucking

BR Williams Trucking is exceptionally pleased with the relationship and service we have received from Johanna Money. When our company was offered the chance to start a new business in Tallahassee we were concerned to say the least about setting up in a new state. Thankfully the property we chose introduced us to Johanna.

Johanna in such a professional manner guided us through many difficulties and provided sound advice on a number of occasions. It’s been four years since our business relationship began, we can state unequivocally how pleased we are with her talents and service.

On a number of occasions I have received emails from Johanna directing us to potential new business opportunities in Tallahassee. We are grateful that she takes the effort and has the concern to want our presence to be strengthened in Tallahassee thru new business opportunities.

Most recently Johanna turned us on to a company that will be introducing a new product in America that needs someone to handle the fulfillment end of their business. It’s a very exciting prospect and we know that we are in the top three companies being considered to handle this business. We would have never had the chance to bid on this or even know about it if it were not for Johanna.

As an out of state company Johanna has answered business questions for us, guided us to proper state agencies and even watched our location late one night when we had a facility security issue. Our manager was out of pocket and could not respond efficiently. I grudgingly called Johanna and she raced to our location until our manager could get there. Unbelievable service to say the least.

Stephen Auvil

Facility Director Anniston and Tallahassee operations




>> Honeywell

I have worked with several property management companies all over the country and I would recommend Ms. Money’s as one of the best. Our company has leased several properties in Tallahassee from her company over the years and has had very effective and efficient service provided whenever we needed it. Her company has been very flexible in both negotiating terms and build out requirements. Her teams work quickly and efficiently. She is always on top of what’s going on from the negotiation phase all the way through handing over the keys. She is always prompt in any requests for service or just for questions in general, I have never felt ignored or put off by any of her staff.


Michael Kimmelman

Program Manager

Honeywell Utility Solutions


>> GRB Ventures D.B.A. Tropical Smoothie Cafe

This letter is being written to attest to Mrs. Johanna W Money’s distinctly impressive project and property management skills, as well as her unparalleled negotiating talents, and her overall professionalism and business acumen. Mrs. Money is by far one of the most talented, knowledgeable, and skilled business professionals I’ve ever had the honor of working with in all my years as a business owner. She has an exceptional range of property management expertise that she seamlessly couples with a work ethic that is nothing short of phenomenal. Furthermore, Mrs. Money effectively applies her impressive leadership and problem-solving skills to every facet of property management, and consistently achieves outstanding success for both her company and her tenants.

I’ve worked with Mrs. Money for over ten years now through one of my restaurants, which is located on a property owned and managed by her company The Williams Group. Throughout this time I’ve interacted with her on multiple levels, most notably in her role as the President of the Williams Group where she is the primary negotiator for all leases, project manager for all build-out efforts, and also serves as the chief executive in charge of the day to day management of the property. Throughout my years in business I have interacted with a wide range of people and personalities fulfilling similar duties and roles, but none have ever been as well-rounded or as adept at dealing with the various aspects of owning and managing a property as Mrs. Money. Her ability to strike the difficult balance between presiding over the internal facets of the Williams Group, while also maintaining an accessible channel to each of her tenants is a testament to both her talent and her commitment to her profession. She further accentuates her property management talents, with exceptional negotiating skills that consistently find the perfect pitch between firmness and fairness. All of this is accomplished with an astute eye that is smartly fixed on the business interests of all the parties involved in the business equation. Her wide-ranging skills were recently on display during both the 2010 expansion and remodel of my restaurant that is located on one of her properties at 679 West Tennessee Street, as well as during the negotiations for an updated lease at that same location.

In an effort to continue growing my restaurant’s sales, I developed plans for the remodel of my store that would allow us to not only expand our product line, but would also provide us a greater capacity to service substantially larger traffic counts. In order to accomplish these goals an extensive remodel of the existing location had to be performed, which required the approval, collaboration, and active involvement of Mrs. Money. During this project she was a key partner who took an active hand in ensuring that all of my construction, permitting, and legal filing needs were being met, while she simultaneously ensured that the interests of her company’s property were being protected. As a direct result of her efforts, both of our companies reaped notable benefits. The renovations implemented made extensive upgrades to the property, ranging from electrical systems, lighting, HVAC, plumbing, and even an improved overall layout and flow of the space. There is little doubt that these upgrades will lead to long-term valuation increases for that particular property, while also expanding my restaurant’s sales potential. In fact, these sales gains have already been substantially realized with a 60% increase in net sales from our former highs, and that’s all been accomplished in just 7 short months of operation since the completion of the remodel.

As a result of these renovations, and because we were nearing the end of our original lease with the Williams Group, it was also necessary to negotiate and sign a new lease. This process was also handled by Mrs. Money, and was completed in an extraordinarily smooth and time-efficient manner, once again with a thoughtfulness and consideration applied to the long-term business interests of both her company and my restaurant. Her success in this regard is most clearly evidenced by the final lease which extends our working partnership at that location for many years to come.

With absolute certainty I can declare that Mrs. Money is far and away one of the most capable and skilled property management executives I’ve ever encountered. I own other businesses located on properties managed by different corporations, and not a single one of them has ever come close to providing the exceptional balance and wide-ranging skills that Mrs. Money has brought to the table. She is unquestionably a unique talent, and I have no doubt that she will be an outstanding partner for anyone lucky enough to bring her onto their team. So it is without any reservations that I offer up my strongest recommendation for Mrs. Money. If there are any additional details that I can provide that might prove beneficial, please feel free to contact me at any of the numbers listed above. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I hope my insight proves beneficial.


Garth Brown


GRB Ventures, Inc.